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Postcodes starting with the letter Y

YO1 6LE YO1 8BP YO1 8DA YO1 9UA YO10 3SD
YO10 3SW YO10 4JX YO10 5EA YO11 1AB YO11 2SG
YO11 3LL YO11 3RP YO12 4QD YO12 5EG YO12 6DJ
YO12 6TQ YO13 0AE YO13 0AZ YO13 0HH YO13 0NA
YO13 9AL YO13 9HL YO14 0LW YO14 9DF YO15 1HB
YO15 1PD YO15 2AA YO16 4JG YO16 4RB YO16 6TN
YO16 7DJ YO17 6PY YO17 6XL YO17 7LX YO17 8LA
YO17 9BU YO17 9TG YO18 7AA YO18 7PG YO18 8NX
YO19 4RR YO19 5QT YO19 5XL YO19 6QE YO21 1DN
YO21 2BQ YO21 3JP YO22 4DE YO22 4RA YO22 5EH
YO22 5LX YO22 5QE YO23 2RA YO23 7AD YO23 7DJ
YO24 1LH YO24 2RQ YO25 3PR YO25 4JS YO25 4RE
YO25 4UZ YO25 6AN YO25 8AS YO25 8JX YO25 8PG
YO25 8RH YO25 8TG YO25 9QN YO25 9SN YO25 9UA
YO25 9XX YO26 6DA YO26 7LQ YO26 7PY YO26 9RG
YO30 1YP YO30 2AS YO30 5SW YO30 6HB YO31 7NA
YO31 7YB YO31 9ER YO32 2HU YO32 4BL YO32 5XA
YO32 9QN YO32 9TG YO41 1AA YO41 1HF YO41 1JD
YO41 1QG YO41 4BN YO41 5NN YO42 1RJ YO42 1ST
YO42 1YF YO42 2AB YO42 4EB YO42 4RE YO43 3AA

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